Transporting Passengers With Special Needs™ 2

transporting passengers with special needs

With the increasing focus on safely transporting passengers with special needs, today's drivers must be trained as professionals, and schooled not only in defensive driving techniques, but also in safe passenger assistance procedures. Both public and private organizations that transport special needs passengers are responsible for training their drivers to perform their jobs as professionals, keeping the passengers' safety and dignity in mind at all times.

Transporting Passengers With Special Needs™ 2: A Coaching Systems Program presents an updated DVD presentation, all new Response Book, and new support materials while retaining the strengths of the original program including: comprehensive coverage of collision-prevention techniques, a non-lecture participant intensive educational approach, a modular training format and an easy-to-use Instructor's Guide. Our Off-Road Driver Training Course has similar resources and is a great way to learn to be safe when you find yourself off-road.
The Transporting Passengers With Special Needs course has been designed to address operators' dual role (driving safely and assisting passengers) in the proven "Coaching" approach. Drivers will appreciate the program's non-lecture, participant-intensive educational approach and instructors will appreciate the program's flexible and easy-to-use format.

Program Components

Video Presentations
Topics addressed include:

  • Pre-Trip Safety Considerations
  • Handling a passenger pick-up site
  • Defensive driving skills and techniques (maintaining a cushion of safety, reading traffic patterns to avoid hazards, adapting to changing traffic patterns and adverse weather conditions, backing techniques)
  • Passenger assistance procedures
  • Effective communication skills
  • Assisting passengers in and out of the vehicle
  • Safe lift procedures
  • Securing passengers within the vehicle

Instructor's Guide
Segmented into approximately one-hour teaching sessions, the guide offers step-by-step instructions for presenting the course, "coaching" suggestions for creating a positive learning environment, and guidelines for conducting a hands-on clinic. Wide margins allow for instructor notes and customization.

Driver's Response Books
Based on topics addressed in the video presentation, trainees answer questions and analyze situations on their own, or in small teams, for subsequent group discussion.

Includes a Self-Appraisal, collision and passenger assistance analyses and a Course Completion Certificate.

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