Coaching The Van Driver™: 4

Van Driving Training Course

Coaching the Van Driver® is a van driving training course offering comprehensive coverage of safety tips, accident prevention techniques, modular training format, easy-to-use instructors’ guide, and participant-centric educational approach. While some organizations assume that van driving is similar to driving a personal car, the reality is that commercial vans are different. Most commercial vans are large, heavier, and often require longer stopping distances. Hence, employees driving them should undergo the proper training to compensate for these differences. Our Coaching The Van Driver package is designed to equip drivers with the necessary knowledge to help them stay safe on the road. Check out our route sales drivers ed course as well, for more specific van training.

Coaching Systems’ Coaching the Van Driver® package is an updated version of the initial course launched in 1991. It incorporates new features, including a new Instructor’s Guide, participant response book, video presentation, and various transparencies that replace the old slides. Other new packages include collision reporting guidelines, twenty questions final test, a new video presentation.


This course includes several parts to cover everything you will need to know to be a succesful van driver. It includes self-appraisal training that also covers pre-training assessment. Before you start the training, it is important to complete a pre-trip inspection as well as a vehicle characteristics review. You will also learn the essentials of safe driving, which covers the introduction to SCC (Scanning, Communication) and Cushion of Safety. In addition, van drivers will learn to apply SCC principles regarding driving on rural highways and congested roadways. You will learn how to operate a van in rural areas, share the road with other road users like cyclists, and handle visibility problems. The training includes adverse weather, distracted driving, backing, rotaries, alcohol, and drugs.


Van Driving Training Course Sessions:

  1. Self-Appraisal (Pre-Training Assessment)
  1. Before You Start ( Pre-Trip Inspection and Vehicle Characteristics Review)
  1. Essentials Of Safe Driving  (Introduction to SCC – Scanning, Cushion of Safety, Communicating)
  1. Driving Environments (Applying the principles of SCC to driving on open roadways and congested, city-like driving environments)
  1. Special Considerations – Part One (Operating in rural areas, handling visibility problems, sharing the road with bicyclists, “Move Over Law” )
  1. Special Considerations – Part Two (Backing, Alcohol/Drugs, Adverse Weather, Rotaries, Distracted Driving)
  2. Optional Modules:
    1. Transporting Passengers
    1. Transporting Cargo
  1. Optional Final Test


What’s new:

  1. All new participant Response Book
  1. New, expanded Instructor’s Guide
  1. New, twenty question final test.
  1. All new video presentation featuring various van types.
  1. Collison reporting guidelines.
  1. Expanded topics including; driver assistance technologies, traffic circles, distracted driving, bicyclists, the ‘move over law”, alcohol/drugs.


What stayed the same:

  1. Same proven, discussion-based educational approach
  1. Capitalizes on the highly successful “Coaching” method of training
  1. Course completion certificate.
  1. Same easy-to-use training materials:
    1. Fully scripted Instructor Guide with group learning exercises, discussion diagrams with enhanced content for the instructor.
    2. Content rich DVD presentations featuring vans and van driver point-of-view perspective.
    3. Response Book – 32 page, participant booklet with self-appraisal, discussion questions and traffic analyses diagrams.


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