Coaching The Ready-Mixed Concrete Truck Driver™

Concrete Mixer Truck Driver Training

Regardless of how knowledgeable drivers are about topics such as water/cement ratios, slump, mixer operation, etc., their skills are useless if they can't get the product to and from the job site safely, or they fail to follow safe operating procedures at the work site. That's why a driving course has been designed specifically for this industry.

Unlike generic driver safety programs, Coaching the Ready-Mixed Concrete Truck Driver™ has been developed with input from professionals within the industry itself. The program is based on discussion-style learning rather than lecture, and actively involves participants throughout. We emulate this structure with our tow truck driver training program as well in order to provide the most relevant and important infomation possible.

Cement Truck Driver Training Components

Video Presentation
Includes coverage of the following topics and more:

  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Loading the Truck
  • Over-the-Road Driving Skills and Techniques (scanning, cushion of safety, following distance, blind spots, total stopping distance, safety at intersections)
  • Safety at the Work Site ("taking charge", off-road driving considerations, scanning for hazards, roll-over concerns, selecting and maneuvering into a parking location, backing, positioning of chutes, lifting techniques, wash-down procedures)

Leader's Guide
A fully scripted guide includes all information necessary to present the course, a reproducible contractor safety checklist, written test, class registration form, inspection checklist, and performance evaluation form to assess each driver’s skill level.

Driver Response Book
(One per operator) Each 32-page response book includes a self-appraisal, video review questions, collision analysis situations, customer relations review, and a course completion certificate.

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