Coaching for One: Tow Truck Operator™

This self-instructional program, which allows trainees to work at their own pace, presents critical driving skills relevant to the towing industry. Ideal for both new and experienced tow truck operators.

Program Components

Video Presentation
Topics addressed include:

  • Professionalism
  • Cushion of Safety
  • City, Suburban, Rural and Highway Driving
  • Special Situations (such as backing & adverse weather conditions)

Driver Response Books with Computer-scored Safe Driver Tests
As key points are covered in the video, the trainee is questioned about the information and asked to apply it to specific driving situations. At the end of the course, the trainee completes a standardized test, which is sent to Coaching Systems for computer scoring. Test results and additional feedback are returned to the trainee.

Course Completion Certificate

Title SKU Quantity
Coaching for One: Tow Truck Operator — Self-Instruction DVD DT030
Quantity1 - Unlimited
Coaching for One: Tow Truck Operator — Response Book DT031
Quantity1 - 2425 - 99100 - 249

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