CEVO® 3: Fire™ Online

Online Driving Safety Course

Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator (CEVO) is a set of driver programs that teaches first responders and emergency vehicle operators the required skills to operate an emergency vehicle safely.


At Coaching Systems, we offer a comprehensive truck driver training course online to teach learners how to operate an emergency vehicle safely and efficiently. This course was formally introduced in the early 90s under the CEVO program and has recently been updated to offer more comprehensive training programs.

Incorporating valuable input from participants, instructors, and management experts, the CEVO® 3 Course at Coaching Systems enables learners to become more familiar with basic driving skills, terminology, and liability issues surrounding the operation of an emergency vehicle.


New Features

This revised program uses a self-paced and comprehensive non-lecture learning approach that provides flexibility and convenience to both instructors and learners. It covers various topics, including a new analysis response book, reminder points, and video resources covering a video of an actual accident and apparatus inspections. It also features learning teams to facilitate participant discussions and teamwork.

The CEVO® 3 is a six-hour training course broken down into five sessions that can be completed in one or many days based on the participants’ preferences. Techniuques the course covers include:

●    Vehicle Positioning
●    Parking Procedures
●    Cushion of Safety
●    Handling Blind Spots
●    Scanning

Instructor’s guide:

  • Instructor’s guideline for observing and assessing on-road performance
  • Extensive material to back up presentations
The CEVO® 3 program also covers a comprehensive range of safety-related training, including safety at the fire ground, apparatus inspection, driving an emergency vehicle with or without a siren, and apparatus handling. This course also offers a complete in-house training program that delivers a modular and easy-to-use driver training format.


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